Las Vegas School Apologizes Over Bible Verse Denial

Las Vegas School Apologizes Over Bible Verse Denial May 26, 2015

The North Las Vegas school that told a 6th grader she couldn’t include a Bible verse in a homework assignment has apologized to the family for doing so and has allowed her to resubmit the assignment the way she wanted to do it. This is the right result, I’m sure on the advice of their attorneys.

Somerset Academy apologized Friday to a 12-year-old student who had been denied the use of a Bible verse in a school project in February, according to the Liberty Institute, which represents her family.

Sixth-grader Mackenzie Fraiser had originally been told by a teacher at the North Las Vegas public charter school that she couldn’t use the John 3:16 verse in a PowerPoint presentation titled “All About Me,” which had to include an “inspirational saying,” Liberty Institute said…

Mackenzie on Friday was being allowed to resubmit the project with the verse included, the Liberty Institute said.

Legal counsel from the Liberty Institute, a Texas-based religious rights law firm, on Wednesday sent the school a demand letter asking for an apology and gave officials 10 days to respond to avoid legal action.

The apology letter, published on Liberty Institute’s website, says the teacher and administrators acted in good faith but that they were wrong.

“After reviewing the facts of this particular situation, Somerset Academy recognizes that the teacher and assistant principal incorrectly implemented those guidelines. Expression of a student’s religious beliefs in the form of homework, artwork, and other written or oral assignments is protected speech and should have been allowed in this instance.”

Good for everyone involved.

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