Rosenberg: God is Going to Destroy America Over Abortion

Rosenberg: God is Going to Destroy America Over Abortion May 26, 2015

The Family Research Council’s annual Watchmen on the Wall conference always attracts a mix of Republican politicians and bigoted and simpleminded Christian right ranters. This year, Joel Rosenberg declared that God is going to destroy America over abortion in the next two years and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

“My friends, we are not in a season of decline,” he declared. “I argue to you that judgment is coming. In another couple of years, if this doesn’t stop, we will hit 60 million abortions. If we hit 60 million abortions, we as Americans will have murdered 10 times more human beings than the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis. We know the judgment that fell on Nazi Germany, the devastation. We believe it was justified. My friends, what do we think is going to happen to a nation that murders 10 times more people? Judgment is coming and there’s no way out. The train has left the station.”

He added that the “only hope at this point” would be a third Great Awakening, in which case God might delay his judgment as Americans “make reforms based on the word of God.”

It’s really kind of incredible that America is still here, given all the times wingnuts have predicted that God is going to destroy us because of [insert whatever they don’t like at any given moment]. I mean, this goes all the way back to the founding of the country. At the time of the Constitution, many prominent preachers opposed the Constitution because it did not contain any “Christian nation” language and said that this would bring God’s wrath down upon us all.

We should have been destroyed a thousand times by now. That we haven’t been suggests several possibilities:

1. Those people are completely full of shit.

2. Their god doesn’t exist.

3. Their god doesn’t care about the things they think he cares about.

4. He has really shitty aim and keeps taking out other countries when he’s trying to destroy this one.

5. He’s like George W. Bush and intentionally attacks other countries to punish them for the things they didn’t do.

Take your pick.

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