Rosenberg: God is Going to Destroy America Over Abortion

Rosenberg: God is Going to Destroy America Over Abortion May 26, 2015

The Family Research Council’s annual Watchmen on the Wall conference always attracts a mix of Republican politicians and bigoted and simpleminded Christian right ranters. This year, Joel Rosenberg declared that God is going to destroy America over abortion in the next two years and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

“My friends, we are not in a season of decline,” he declared. “I argue to you that judgment is coming. In another couple of years, if this doesn’t stop, we will hit 60 million abortions. If we hit 60 million abortions, we as Americans will have murdered 10 times more human beings than the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis. We know the judgment that fell on Nazi Germany, the devastation. We believe it was justified. My friends, what do we think is going to happen to a nation that murders 10 times more people? Judgment is coming and there’s no way out. The train has left the station.”

He added that the “only hope at this point” would be a third Great Awakening, in which case God might delay his judgment as Americans “make reforms based on the word of God.”

It’s really kind of incredible that America is still here, given all the times wingnuts have predicted that God is going to destroy us because of [insert whatever they don’t like at any given moment]. I mean, this goes all the way back to the founding of the country. At the time of the Constitution, many prominent preachers opposed the Constitution because it did not contain any “Christian nation” language and said that this would bring God’s wrath down upon us all.

We should have been destroyed a thousand times by now. That we haven’t been suggests several possibilities:

1. Those people are completely full of shit.

2. Their god doesn’t exist.

3. Their god doesn’t care about the things they think he cares about.

4. He has really shitty aim and keeps taking out other countries when he’s trying to destroy this one.

5. He’s like George W. Bush and intentionally attacks other countries to punish them for the things they didn’t do.

Take your pick.

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  • jameshanley

    In Christian theology, God’s sense of time is not the same as ours. In fact it’s not clear that the concept of time even applies to God (in this theological perspective), so all the past present and future of humanity is God’s present.

    Not that I believe that, but as its an old belief, not one made up in response to the apparent problem of Godnonresponsiveness, it has no real force within the structure of the Christian belief system.

  • Larry

    Not if he destroys us first for gay marriage!

    Checkmate, fundy dickweed.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Those watchmen on the wall will eventually have to eat shit:

    Was it only to your master and you that my master sent me to say these things, and not to the people sitting on the wall–who, like you, will have to eat their own excrement and drink their own urine? (Isaiah 36:12)

  • tbp1

    I’m not the first person to think of this, by a long shot, but I have repeatedly reminded anti-abortion folks that at least 2/3 (and some think it’s a much higher percentage) of fertilized human eggs never come to term. They either fail to implant in the first place, or are naturally miscarried later. The question I keep asking, but never get an answer to is this: if God is so anti-abortion, why did he set things up this way? Again, hardly original on my part, but I think it’s a question that should be addressed if people are going to give a religious argument against abortion.

    My favorite ancillary question is the eternal status of aborted fetuses. If, as many claim, they have a soul from the moment of conception, but fail to come to term, whether naturally or by human intervention, do they go to Heaven or not, since they never had a chance to accept Jesus? Of course, except for a few hard-core Calvinists, they all claim that aborted fetus souls do indeed go directly to Heaven. That means that the vast majority of the souls in Heaven will never have lived human lives. Will they have personalities, since they never have a chance to develop one? They won’t have any friends or loved ones to reunite with. Who will they talk to, and what are they going to talk about, since they had no live experiences? Physical resurrection of the body is a part of many people’s eschatology. So, will they look like they did at whatever stage of development they were in when they were aborted or miscarried? Will they be the same size as they were? Many will be just a blob of undifferentiated cells with no actual body parts.

    And of course there’s the fairness question—why do they get to go to Heaven automatically while so many of those who are actually born go to Hell? Doesn’t this make a good argument for abortion, or even infanticide? This was pretty much Andrea Yates’ motivation.

    Mostly my questions remain unanswered. People don’t even try. And the handful of attempts at answers I’ve received have been, shall we say, not terribly convincing.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Has anyone noticed that they’re getting more specific with their bullshit “prophecies?” Somewhere along the line they discovered that they didn’t need to be vague anymore — the flock just ignored it when the predicted events never materialized. It wasn’t even necessary to make up excuses, just hop on to the next one.

  • samgardner

    Have any links for the previous claims we were about to be destroyed, particularly the older ones?

  • ….a mix of Republican politicians and bigoted and simpleminded Christian right ranters…

    How do you tell them apart?*


    * /Looks in bowl of mixed nuts, sees only cashews.

  • Big Boppa


    The answer to your multiple choice question is both 1 and 2.

  • anthrosciguy

    I saw on the news last night that Texas is having torrential rains and destructive flooding. Many deaths. Bet it’s all Ireland’s fault.

  • eric

    @4: don’t forget that in about 7-8% of pregnancies, monozygotic twinning occurs. However about 85% of those times, one of the zygotes absorbs the other. In plain English: there are many more twins created than are born; the ones that don’t get born were killed and eaten by their other twin in the womb. Another “why the heck would God set up our systems like that” problem.

    Also, given that many pro-lifers also think that zygotes are fully humans with full rights, doesn’t that mean we should be prosecuting the surviving zygote for manslaughter and cannibalism? And if one is a pro-lifer and death penalty advocate, wouldn’t the appropriate punishment for that crime be…abortion?

  • whheydt

    God destroyed Nazi Germany? I thought that was mostly done by the Red Army with some help from the US and British Armies, together with some odds and sods scraped up from other countries.

  • John Pieret

    No, no, no! God is presently punishing those well known abortionistsistas in Texas and Oklahoma by sending them floods (that have nothing to do with anthropomorphic climate change!) or … maybe … his aim is a little off …

  • felidae

    Recent deadly flooding is an obvious sign of God’s displeasure with America’s moral decline–this is happening in Texas as we speak… oops, nevermind

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Must be why countries allowing unrestricted abortions such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Vietnam, and many others… are hellholes of despair.


  • busterggi

    Another day, another end of the world.

  • carpenterman

    tbp 1 @ #4

    The enormous number of naturally occurring abortions doesn’t impress these guys because that’s all part of that weird lady-bits stuff. That sort of knowledge has never been a priority with fundie types.

  • david

    “…the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis. We know the judgment that fell on Nazi Germany, the devastation.”

    Apparently G-d didn’t see fit to do anything at the 1 million mark, or 2 million, or 3 million …

    “Oh, there, they’ve murdered 6 million, that does it, now I’m going to take action”

  • Randomfactor

    In Christian theology, God’s sense of time is not the same as ours.

    He’s about to destroy us in a fit of righteous anger over slavery. Quick, somebody pray him the details of the Civil War before it’s too late!

  • kantalope

    It’s the end of the world as we know it…..and I feel fine. m. stipe 1987

  • John Hinkle

    @Kermit Sansoo

    Must be why countries allowing unrestricted abortions such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Vietnam, and many others…

    There are other countries? Does God know about them?

  • StevoR

    @ ^ John Hinkle : God knows everything – except how to beat iron chariots!

  • busterggi

    StevoR – and he’s rotten at hide & seek too, couldn’t find Adam & Eve in his own back yard.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaany minute now.