Anti-Gay Pastor Can’t Understand a Non-Theocracy

Anti-Gay Pastor Can’t Understand a Non-Theocracy May 27, 2015

Wellington Boone is an arch-bigot in a hundred different ways. Despite that fact — or rather, because of it — he gets invited to speak at events like the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall conference. And he says really absurd things like this:

Wellington Boone is the sort of anti-gay pastor who laments that he can no longer call gay people “faggots” and suggests putting all of the “sodomites” on an island to see how long such a society can last, so naturally he was given a speaking slot today at the Family Research Council’s “Watchmen on the Wall” conference, where he declared that acceptance of gay rights is a sign of God’s judgment on this nation.

“How could a U.S. senator or a congressman or a Supreme Court justice make a decision that goes against the created order of God?” Boone asked. Citing a biblical passage in which God promised that five holy men would be able to defeat 10,000 enemies, Boone fumed that American society is being overrun by a small minority of gay activists, which is a sign of God’s judgment.

So the Bible says that a small minority will be able to defeat a much larger force, eh? And somehow that’s a lesson against the battle for gay rights? Thinking is hard, isn’t it? As for that first sentence…yeah, how in the world could a legislator or judge ever allow people to worship other gods, work on the sabbath, have sex before marriage and a million other things the Bible forbids? What’s next, freedom and justice for all? That’s outrageous!

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