Bakker Exploits ISIS Fears to Sell Survival Supplies

Bakker Exploits ISIS Fears to Sell Survival Supplies May 27, 2015

In the old days, Jim Bakker scammed his followers by selling them memberships in the resort he built, which landed him in prison for many years. Now he’s out and he’s got a whole new scam: survival supplies. He hosted a conference for preppers last week and did everything he could to sell fear in order to sell supplies:

“So many in the inner-city for some reason hate the police,” Bakker said. “If the police are gone from one day, just suddenly gone, we are going to have anarchy, we are going to have the greatest hell on earth because the gangs will take over. And it’s time to be ready, it’s time to be prepared, it’s time to be informed.”

He added that “the group called ISIS and others have already established themselves in the United States of America and they are waiting for the final signals.” Bakker’s guest, Rick Joyner, confirmed that he had seen such calamities take place in a dream he had, which Bakker pointed to as further proof that people should call in to purchase packets of survivalist food such as macaroni and cheese, veggie burgers, chili and oatmeal.

Gotta love that. “If the police are gone from one day, just suddenly gone” — because that’s totally gonna happen. Maybe they’ll all be raptured. Bakker is still a con man, but he’s now found a legal scam to push.

“Jim Bakker spells his name with two Ks because three would have been too obvious.” — Jeff Stilson

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