Flip Benham Blames Baltimore Violence on Abortion

Flip Benham Blames Baltimore Violence on Abortion May 27, 2015

Flip Benham, one of the most extremist anti-choice zealots in the country, told Sandy Rios that the violence in Baltimore is a result of abortion. Because it’s all part of God’s judgment on America for abortion, through some unspecified mechanism.

“There’s murder everywhere,” Benham said. “Just look in Baltimore and see what’s going on there, it’s just murder, it’s chaos, it’s anarchy. God is saying, ‘Listen, you shed the blood of the most innocent baby boy or girl, you go ahead and do that, that innocent blood has a voice that cries out to God.’ And we are now under the remedial judgments of God as a nation because of almost 60 million little baby boys and girls killed since January 22, 1973.”

I don’t suppose by “murder” he’s referring to the police killing people, do you? I thought not. I never understand these claims that bad things done by human beings are part of God’s judgment. How exactly does a murder rate reflect God’s judgment? If the murderers would have killed anyway, this causal statement is meaningless. It only makes sense if God actually causes them to commit murder, which would mean he’s forcing people to murder other people who had nothing to do with abortion. And that’s pretty damn twisted and irrational, don’t you think? Plus, it violates that free will thing that Christians like to use to get out of the problem of evil.

He also spoke with Rios about the cancellation of a planned reality TV show starring his sons Jason and David Benham after their anti-LGBT political activism came to light. Benham said that his sons thought the show “was God’s answer” but that it was “all just taken away from them” after “Right Wing Watch [and] the homosexual community” reported on their extremist record.

But if the show was “God’s answer,” how could it be canceled? God can cause people to murder other people, but he can’t keep a TV show from being canceled? Sounds like a weak God, doesn’t it?

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