FRC: Marriage Equality = ‘Sexual Tyranny’

FRC: Marriage Equality = ‘Sexual Tyranny’ May 27, 2015

Kenyn Cureton, the Family Research Council’s vice president for church ministries, told those gathered at the Watchmen on the Wall conference last week that if the Supreme Court upholds the right of gay couples to marry, that will result in “sexual tyranny.”

“We’re living in the midst of a rapidly escalating conflict in America today,” Cureton said. “It’s a war between light and darkness. It’s a war between good and evil. It’s a war between the God-given right to life and a culture of death. It’s a war between biblical sexuality and the radical homosexual agenda. It’s a war between our religious freedom and their desire to drive God out of government, Christ out of culture, and faith out of public life.”

“If the Supreme Court rules gay marriage as the law of the land in all 50 states,” he continued, “LGBT behavior will be elevated to a civil right and it will result in sexual tyranny that will trump our religious liberty. You mark it down.”

Oh believe me, I’ve marked it down. I’ve been tracking all of the ridiculous, hyperbolic, dystopian predictions. I intend to have a lot of fun throwing them in your faces when they fail to materialize. As for “sexual tyranny,” that must be what Pat Robertson was talking about when he claimed that the government was going to force Christians to enjoy anal sex.

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