Joyner Apologizes to Putin, Muslim Fascists for America Becoming Gay

Joyner Apologizes to Putin, Muslim Fascists for America Becoming Gay May 27, 2015

You’d think that after years of chronicling the bizarre pronouncements of the Christian right, I could’t be shocked anymore. But Rick Joyner managed to leave my jaw agape by agreeing with Vladimir Putin and the Muslim terrorists and actually apologizing to them for America becoming so gay.

“One of the things [the Russians] really hate is what they think we have become, a gay nation,” he said. “It’s the main reason why Islam, by the way, calls us the ‘Great Satan.’ They think we’re, we say we trust God, we put that on our money, but we export the worst kinds of perversion all over the world.”

“And of course they have their own perversion, they have — but they see us as the source of the worst spiritual and moral pollution in the world. And, you know, we can’t disagree with that. That shouldn’t be happening here.”

“You know, when I spoke to a meeting of many of the top mullahs and imams at the World Public Forum, I apologized for that,” he continued. “And I will apologize. I am really sorry for the moral filth and pollution that is coming out of America, and this is happening on our watch too. You know, there are a lot of reasons why the nations hate us, but mainly they see hypocrisy on a level unprecedented. We say one thing and do the other.”

But remember, he’ll also gladly claim that it’s liberals and gay people who are in league with the Muslim terrorists to destroy America. But he shows, yet again, that it’s the Christian right that agrees with them on almost every social issue.

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