When the Duggars are Too Liberal For You

When the Duggars are Too Liberal For You May 27, 2015

I’ve avoided writing anything about this whole situation with the Duggars, but this tangential matter drew my attention. As extreme as the Duggars are in their politics and theology, there are people even further off on the fringe than they are, like the wife of Pastor Steven Anderson, who wants gay people stoned to death among other heinous views:

We have for years held and publicly stated that the Duggars are liberal and worldly, even as they are known for being “fundamentalists”. Maybe their beliefs are, but what they are publicly willing to take a stand for is weak and anemic. Example: Never answering whether or not they spank their children, which they obviously did, while telling the world over and over again about their positive approach of praising good behavior. Deceptive at best.

For those who wondered, here are my thoughts:

– I believe that all pedophiles are reprobates, that they are unregenerate and in fact can never change, and that they, like all sexual deviants, should be executed as the Bible demands, lest they spread their abusive ways and corrupt more innocent lives.

– I do not believe that pedophiles or other deviants who claim to have found God are telling the truth. I believe this is a lie they tell to gain access to easy targets, namely children in church, at camp, etc.

Reminds me of Gun Owners of America, a group that thinks the NRA are a bunch of weak-kneed liberal appeasers. No matter how extreme and bizarre your beliefs are, there’s always someone whose views are even more deranged.

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