Graham Lotz Blames Gay Marriage for Baltimore, Ferguson

Graham Lotz Blames Gay Marriage for Baltimore, Ferguson May 28, 2015

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, went on Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio show (proving once again that there is no such thing as too extreme on the Christian right) and said that God is already punishing us for gay marriage and it’s going to get much worse.

“No nation in human history has ever done this,” she said of gay marriage, alleging that marriage equality “is taking the dust fist and shaking it in God’s face and saying we don’t care, not only do we not agree with this but we’re going to change it, we become our own gods, so to speak.”

Ultimately, Lotz said, God “won’t restrain evil anymore” and “the evil just comes pouring in, which is what we’re seeing in Baltimore and Ferguson and some of these other places, it’s anarchy.”

Such deep, thoughtful analysis. Unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson isn’t caused by the long-term decay of the inner cities, a total lack of urban development programs, the effects of poverty or the pervasive racism of our criminal justice system. Nope, it’s the gays. As always. Is there anything The Gay doesn’t affect, no matter how remote it may be? It even causes earthquakes and tsunamis, which kind of brings a whole new meaning to “Did the earth move for you too?”

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