Roy Moore Wants Justice Ginsburg Impeached

Roy Moore Wants Justice Ginsburg Impeached May 28, 2015

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins last week that Congress should impeach Justice Ginsburg because her presiding over an entirely legal same-sex marriage ceremony is somehow magically ushering in an “age of chaos.”

“We have justices on the Supreme Court right now who have actually performed same-sex marriages, Ginsburg and Kagan,” Moore continued. “Congress should do something about this.”

He said that if Justice Ginsburg does not recuse herself from the case, then Congress should commence impeachment proceedings.

“This is undermining the rule of law in our country and ushers in an age of chaos,” Perkins added.

I have a much better idea. Let’s impeach Roy Moore, who has made abundantly clear that he believes the Bible is the highest legal authority in the country, not the Constitution, and who continues to push the clearly wrong nullification principle.

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