Alex Jones and Guest Laud the Incredibly Manly Vladimir Putin

Alex Jones and Guest Laud the Incredibly Manly Vladimir Putin May 29, 2015

Alex Jones brought Alex Newman on his show and they both expressed their undying love for terribly manly Vladimir Putin. Like most on the right, they desire that strong daddy to protect them more than anything else and Putin fits the bill perfectly for them.

Newman continued by telling a hopeful story about when he “went to the Global Home Education Conference in Berlin in 2012 and there was a lot of Russians there. And they told me that homeschooling is totally free and wide open in Russia and that was amazing for me.”

While Newman claimed he “wouldn’t trust [Russian President Vladimir] Putin as far as [he] could throw him,” he agreed with Jones’ opinion of Putin that “you got to judge a tree by its fruits, and he’s promoting homeschool. He’s promoting masculine men and ‘men should be tough’ and, like, John Wayne. It’s the opposite of us, you know. It’s ‘men are good role models’ and ‘fathers are good.’”

Newman, agreeing with Jones that “when we see Russia going in the opposite of where we’re going we know we’re in trouble,” concluded, “yeah, and in the United States we’re moving towards crushing homeschooling. The government is becoming extremely hostile and the talking heads on MSNBC telling us that ‘the children belong to the community,’ and Hillary Clinton with her ‘village to raise a child.’ Homeschooling is one of the best options that parents could possibly seize upon right now. You need to get your kids out of the government school. You need to teach them to read using phonics. You need to teach them real history. You need to teach them the facts. And that is how we’re going to stop this criminal enterprise.”

I love it when conservatives reference John Wayne as this big manly man of virtue. He was, in fact, a draft dodger, a drunk and a consistent adulterer. Good role model, guys!

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