God Gives Us Free Will. Except When He Doesn’t.

God Gives Us Free Will. Except When He Doesn’t. May 29, 2015

I’m really quite fascinated by how some Christians use free will as an excuse to get out of the problem of evil, then suddenly jettison it when it comes to prayer and God punishing us. Richard Land offers up a textbook example of what I’m talking about.

Land, who once called President Obama “a judgment of God on the United States,” said that just as God heaped His judgment upon the nation of Israel, so too is He willing to punish America and is, in fact, doing so right now.

“I believe He is judging the United States of America,” Land said. “I don’t believe that you can kill 56 million babies in child sacrifice through abortion and not expect that God won’t judge the nation. I believe we’re in the state we’re in today because of the judgment of God. I get asked all the time, ‘Where is the next Abraham Lincoln? Where is the next Ronald Reagan? Where is the next Billy Graham?’ Well, my answer is great political and spiritual leadership in our country is a sign of God’s blessing; its absence is a sign of God’s judgment.”

So how does that work, exactly? Did God change the minds of a bunch of voters to get Obama into office as his punishment? If so, doesn’t that destroy the whole idea of Christian free will? Are there great leaders out there that could turn things around, but God is making sure something happens to them so they can’t win and thereby disrupt his punishment plans?

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