LeClaire Sees Demons and Satan All Around Us

LeClaire Sees Demons and Satan All Around Us May 29, 2015

Jennifer LeClaire, the editor of Charisma News, is upset once again (this is a perpetual state for her), this time about transgender characters in TV shows and movies. Naturally, she blames this promotion of “perversity” on her imaginary enemy, Satan.

The floodgates are now officially open…

ABC Family will soon broadcast Becoming Us, about a teen who works through his father’s transition from male to female. Jenner is producing his own E! docuseries that will debut on July 26. Oh, and the Wachowski siblings, one of whom was the first Hollywood director to come out as transgender, will premier a new Netflix original program called Sense8.

On top of all that, TLC is rolling out All that Jazz, which focuses on a 14-year-old named Jazz Jennings who decided he was a girl at a young age. His parents let him live as a girl and gave him hormone treatments from age 11. There’s more but we’ll stop there.

Battling the Prince of the Power of the Air

Satan is the prince of the power of the air (see Eph. 2:2). We’ve long seen all manner of perversion coming out of Hollywood, including the glamorization of adultery, fornication, idolatry, thievery, greed, drugs and more. Clearly, though, this devilish prince is strategically pushing perversion to new heights in the name of equality…

Our war is against a demonic agenda to call evil good and good evil (see Is. 5:20). This agenda is seducing people into a lifestyle of perversion that ultimately separates them from God. This agenda is working to mainstream a way of life that leaves people in bondage. And, ultimately, this agenda is demonizing anyone who won’t embrace this new “civil rights” issue.

Now that’s just funny. After arguing that transgender people are literally doing the bidding of Satan and probably demon-possessed, she then complains about being “demonized” as a bigot. That’s fucking comedy gold.

The invention of Satan has to be the shrewdest move in the history of Christianity. There’s virtually nothing that can’t be blamed on this non-existent boogeyman. It can be used to scare little children (and adults) into believing in God to be protected from him. It can be used as a means of dismissing one’s opponents and a reason for losing political and cultural disputes. Having not only imaginary friends but imaginary enemies is a very convenient thing indeed.

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