Rafael Cruz Goes Full Godwin Again

Rafael Cruz Goes Full Godwin Again May 29, 2015

When is the media going to start demanding that Ted Cruz either defend or repudiate the bizarre and extremist things his father is saying on a daily basis? He is intimately tied to his son, his speaking engagements are booked by the senator’s office. Especially when he goes full Godwin.

Cruz, the father and top campaign surrogate of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, warned that “if this decision comes against the biblical definition of marriage, the next thing that is going to happen is the government is going to come demanding that churches hire homosexual pastors and churches perform homosexual marriages. It is a very critical time in America.”

Likening the silence of Christians in the face of impending gay marriage doom to the silence of German citizens in Nazi Germany, Cruz asked, “How long are we going to remain silent? Or perhaps the more important question is are we going to have to answer to God for our silence? You know, silence is not an option.” Quoting German pastor and dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Cruz reminded his audience that “silence in the face of evil is evil itself…not to speak, is to speak. See, the silence sends the message loud and clear. We can’t afford to be silent anymore.”

This whole comparison is just so perverse. It’s Cruz that is in favor of denying equal rights, not advocates of same-sex marriage.

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