Wingnut: Evolution is the Cause of Racism

Wingnut: Evolution is the Cause of Racism May 29, 2015

Alex McFarland, a Christian right apologist and radio talk show host, is making the profoundly ahistorical argument that the teaching of evolution is the primary cause of racism. Because as we all know, there was no racism prior to 1859, amirite?

The Bible teaches that there is only one race, the human race, and that all people are made in the image of God, McFarland said, so logically people who hold racist views must be getting those ideas from elsewhere.

Apparently unaware that slavery existed long before Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species,” McFarland laughably asserted that the Founding Fathers knew that all men are created equal and blamed “150 years of Darwinian evolution” for supposedly undermining that core American principle.

“Evolution, for about 75 years, has had a stranglehold on American education,” McFarland declared, “and so the number one reason for racism is belief in evolution.”

Right. Because slavery wasn’t defended almost solely by reference to the Bible. And racism has gotten so much worse in America since they started teaching evolution in schools in the mid-50s, right? And the whole Hamitic theory of race based on the Bible magically never existed. And all those anti-Jewish pogroms that Christianity supported for centuries was all because of evolution, not religion. And Martin Luther didn’t tell his followers to burn down the homes and synagogues of Jews, that was Charles Darwin. Such stupidity.

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