Lutzer: Marriage Equality = Homeschooling Parents Losing Kids

Lutzer: Marriage Equality = Homeschooling Parents Losing Kids May 30, 2015

The Christian right is turning up the fear-mongering rhetoric to utterly ludicrous levels, just making random connections between allowing same-sex marriage and whatever thing they know their constituency fears the most. Pastor Erwin Lutzer, you’re up next:

Saying that the freedom of religion protected in America is a historical anomaly, Lutzer warned that Christians should expect it to be stripped away “by a hostile state” in the near future.

“In America today, you know that the same-sex marriage issue is very, very important,” he said. “Let me tell you that it would not be surprising to me if, in the future, homeschool parents, for example, if they were examined would perhaps fall under the category of what is being known as ‘intolerant personality syndrome.’ And it’s not too far a stretch to believe that their children would be taken from them because they are declared as unfit parents.”

There isn’t even a faint attempt to make a causal connection between cause and effect here, just a profoundly silly juxtaposition of two totally unrelated things. He might as well have claimed that gay marriage will lead to sugar in your gas tank.

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