Sprigg: Damn Gay People ‘Attacking’ Country That Wants to Imprison Them

Sprigg: Damn Gay People ‘Attacking’ Country That Wants to Imprison Them May 30, 2015

Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, does a perfectly Orwellian spin job, claiming that Uganda is being “bitterly attacked” by gay people for the mere fact that they think gay people should be thrown in prison (or worse).

So it came as no surprise that on yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” FRC senior fellow Peter Sprigg — who once called for the U.S. to “ export homosexuals” — criticized Randy Berry, the Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBT Persons, for reportedly traveling to travel to Uganda and Jamaica, where homosexuality is also criminalized.

Sprigg said that Berry and the Obama administration are trying to “force this American-style homosexual agenda down the throats of other countries” such as Uganda, “which is one of the countries which has been most bitterly attacked by homosexual activists around the world.”

Only on Planet Wingnuttia could someone declare that a country that has a law throwing gay people in jail and regularly has witch hunts to round them up to be the victims of “bitter attacks” by the people they routinely victimize. Peter Sprigg in 1860: “Slaveowners are being bitterly attacked by black people, who are trying to shove racial equality down their throats.”

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