Cleveland Police Union’s Absurd Position on DOJ Oversight

Cleveland Police Union’s Absurd Position on DOJ Oversight May 31, 2015

The city of Cleveland has reached an agreement with the Department of Justice for reforms and oversight of the police department, which has a terrible history of abuse and misconduct. Naturally, the Cleveland police union is flipping out over it and making ridiculous arguments.

The head of the Cleveland police department’s patrol union said aspects of the agreement that mandates sweeping reforms to the city’s police department could put officers in danger.

Officers could be hesitant to draw their guns because doing so would result in more paperwork under the terms of the agreement, Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association president Steve Loomis said Wednesday. The agreement requires an officer to complete a report each time he or she points a gun at a suspect.

“It’s going to get somebody killed,” Loomis said. “There’s going to be a time when someone isn’t going to want to do that paperwork, so he’s going to keep that gun in its holster.”

Really? If an officer is actually in danger and needs to pull his gun, he’s not going to do it because he doesn’t like paperwork? Isn’t that an admission that your officers are lazy and stupid? And given the long history of the use of deadly force by the Cleveland PD, officers being more reluctant to pull their weapons can only be a good thing. Perhaps the extra paperwork and oversight will make them do so only when they actually have to.

Bear in mind, this is the same police union that steadfastly defends two officers who gunned down a 12 year old holding a toy gun within seconds of arriving on the scene. And the 13 officers who fired 137 bullets at two unarmed people in a car. And all the other officers who have committed gross misconduct and police brutality in that city.

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