Dean, Daubenmire Coming to Grand Rapids to Support Bigot

Dean, Daubenmire Coming to Grand Rapids to Support Bigot June 1, 2015

God may not exist, but this may be evidence that he loves me anyway. Ignorant bigots Bradlee Dean and “Coach” Dave Daubenmire are coming to Grand Rapids for an event put on by the local truck mechanic who made himself a martyr by proclaiming that he would not fix the truck of a gay person if they came to his shop.

The owner of Dieseltec in Grandville made headlines in April when he said he would refuse service to those who were openly gay…

Now, he is planning a large scale event in response, and he is holding it in a West Michigan public school building.

It’s being held at the Jenison Public Schools Center for the Arts, and some parents are not happy about that.

“I was upset that they would use that tax payer facility for that guy to go and spew his hatred. I just don’t think it’s the right venue,” said Amber Armour…

Still, not all agree the forum is the right place for that discussion.

“My kids go to school there and it concerns me that he is using it,” Armour said.

Uh…tough shit? It’s a public facility. Not only can he rent it out, but the school cannot turn him down. It’s that pesky First Amendment thing, the government doesn’t get to decide that one group gets to use public property for an event but another group doesn’t because they don’t like the message they intend to express. It’s not like he’s going to be talking to your kids, unless you let them go (though Bradlee Dean often does speak at school assemblies, which should never, ever happen).

Klawiter said during an interview on Saturday that he is bringing in national conservative speakers Bradlee Dean and Coach Dave for a town hall discussion about issues facing the country.

“None of us portray any kind of hate speech, unless the Holy Bible itself is hateful speech. What we’re trying to do is get a message out there that shows people how the Bible was entwined as part of the forming of this nation and how it applies today,” Klawier said.

In other words, they’re going to spread some major league bullshit around the auditorium. But it will be divinely-inspired bullshit, so that makes it all okay. The timing on this is terrible as I leave for out of town the next day, but I just might have to attend this just to report on all the lies that will certainly be told.

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