The Rock is a Biblical Prophet

The Rock is a Biblical Prophet June 1, 2015

Larry Tomczak, wingnut extraordinaire, went to see Duane “The Rock” Johnson’s new adventure movie San Andreas and goes all Siskel and Ebert on it. He loved the film, but mostly because he thinks it is a prophetic warning about the impending end times.

The massive destruction portrayed in the film, Tomczak said in a video commentary for Charisma Magazine today, is just a taste of what the world can expect when the End Times arrive soon.

“Jesus gave warning also about pestilence and diseases,” Tomczak said. “Think about airborne Ebola and the porous southern border. Is it going to take another stock market crash, global economic collapse? All of these things are present day realities. Do we see the handwriting on the wall that we are at an apocalyptic unprecedented tipping point? ”

“The Book of Revelation, in chapter 9, says there will be a cataclysmic event that will kill a third of mankind,” he continued. “Now Jesus Christ predicted fearful events, a time of punishment, men’s hearts failing them with fear and maybe believe 9/11 was our wake up call, but we’ve hit the snooze alarm.”

“We need to awaken to the reality that America has forgotten God,” he concluded. “We’ve drifted and it’s time to turn back to him. The clock is ticking.”

I don’t find anything about such movies terrifying, or the least bit interesting. If they really want to portray plagues and pestilence, they’ll make another movie with Carrot Top or the Wayans brothers.

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