What the Duggars Teach Their Kids for Homeschooling

What the Duggars Teach Their Kids for Homeschooling June 1, 2015

Gawker has a couple articles about the homeschooling curriculum that the Duggars use for all their kids, some of which is so unbelievably wrongheaded that it will leave your jaw agape. It comes from the Advanced Training Institute, led by Bill Gothard, who is now on leave after being accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment. Here’s just one example:

Doctors have discovered that the seed of the man is an alien substance to the woman. It triggered responses similar to those of an “allergic” reaction. A woman who has a husband is able to develop “immunity” to this reaction; however, a promiscuous woman’s immune system becomes confused and unable to distinguish alien substances. This confusion is a key to the development of cancer.

*headdesk* Seriously? And:

The eye transmits the sensual stimuli to the brain, which activates the heart, which is “deceitful and desperately wicked.” ( See Jeremiah 17:9)

And some of the test questions in the curriculum:

“How did the ‘Socratic method’ of reasoning come from a sodomite manner of living?” “How can graphs help to visualize the consequences of lust?” And “How do prime numbers illustrate the principle of ‘one flesh’ in marriage?”

It actually sounds like a very good curriculum if the goal is to prepare the children to become as ignorant and irrational as their parents.

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