Olson, Titus Open the Floodgates of Hysteria

Olson, Titus Open the Floodgates of Hysteria June 2, 2015

The Worldnetdaily discusses a new “report” — makes it sound like some sort of study, doesn’t it? — about the “repercussions of titanic proportions” that will result from allowing gay people to get married. The “report,” by legal theocrats William Olson and Herb Titus, is a textbook example of dishonest and mindless hysteria.

A legal team that has defended biblical marriage in cases dating back to the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas case in which the Supreme Court ruled homosexual sodomy is constitutionally protected says the impact of the coming decision on same-sex “marriage” could be of titanic proportions.

Virtually every family law in the nation, including those regarding inheritance, support, custody, adoption, divorce, testimonial privileges, interests in land and conveyance would have to be changed, and that’s just the start.

The warning comes from William J. Olson, who served in various offices during the Reagan administration, and Herbert W. Titus, who taught constitutional law for 26 years and is the founding dean of Regent Law School.

Wow, all those laws would have to be changed. How compelling. You know how they’ll have to be changed? By applying the same to married spouses of the same sex in addition to married spouses of the opposite sex. My goodness, how will we ever survive such massive upheaval?

The team argued for traditional marriage in the Lawrence case, in California’s Proposition 8 battle, in defense of the Defense of Marriage Act and in other related cases.

They did not argue for “traditional marriage” in the Lawrence case because that case had nothing to do with marriage. What they argued for was that the government should still be allowed to throw people in jail merely for being gay. Because they really believe that the government has and should have such authority. Why? Because the Bible says so and they are theocrats who think the Bible should be the civil and criminal law of the land.

They wrote in a recent friend-of-the-court brief, part of which was published at American Vision, that the case “before this court is this nation’s tower of Babel.”

Two notes. First, American Vision is a Christian Reconstructionist site. Second, there is one clear difference between this case and the tower of Babel — this case exists.

The said any decision “will have repercussions of titanic proportions.”…

Also, speech based on the Bible no longer necessarily would be allowed in churches, they argued.

“Pastors would be monitored by atheist and liberal groups to ensure that there be no teaching that homosexual behavior is sin. Even websites which offer information about withdrawing from homosexual behavior would be banned as ‘hate speech.’”

See, this is really the litmus test for what kind of person we’re dealing with. Any lawyer who makes this claim is a liar. It really is that simple. This claim is so completely ludicrous and the only way one could believe it is if they are incredibly ignorant of the law. Titus and Olson are not ignorant of the law, so the only choice left is that they are liars. They are lying to people to make them afraid of this dystopic future for which there is no minimally plausible pathway. It’s pure demagoguery.

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