Schlafly: Today’s Immigrants Totally Different From Europeans

Schlafly: Today’s Immigrants Totally Different From Europeans June 2, 2015

Phyllis Schlafly has been beating the anti-immigrant drum from the moment Obama took office (never mind that far more immigrants came to the United States under Bush than under Obama, who has actually increased deportations). Now she’d like you to know that today’s immigrants are totally different from her German-Swiss ancestors and other Europeans:

Schlafly criticized President Obama for calling the U.S. “a nation of immigrants,” saying, “The problem is that the immigrants coming into our country today are not the same sort as the immigrants who contributed so much to building our great country. The immigrants who came to America in the 1920s and ‘30s were different – with very different motives.”

“It’s quite true that America was built by hard working people from all over the world who sought a place of freedom where they could realize their dream,” she said. “But today’s immigrants don’t have the same motivation, the same love for America, the same desire to be part of the American culture and dream.”

One undeniable trait among conservatives is this: The world begins anew constantly. The past, with all the lessons one might learn from it, disappears so that they can repeat the same arguments decades after decade while remaining totally oblivious to the fact that they’re saying the same thing that was debunked long ago. Her anti-immigrant predecessors said the very same thing about those European immigrants that she is so zealous to defend.

She conveniently forgets the “No Irish Need Apply” signs and the people who spread the same “diseased immigrant” myths about German, Italian, Greek and every other immigrant group that came here. With each new wave of immigration, the same dehumanizing things are said about them. But here, I suspect, it’s just a pretense. She’s trying very hard not to give the real reason why she finds today’s immigrants worse than previous ones: Because they’re dark-skinned.

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