Beck: Perry Prayer Rally Fixed the Texas Drought

Beck: Perry Prayer Rally Fixed the Texas Drought June 3, 2015

Brayton’s law: There is nothing so gobsmackingly stupid that it won’t be said by some Christian righter. Corollary: Chances are good that it will be Glenn Beck. He says that the massive flooding going on in Texas right now, which appears to have ended the years-long drought, is all due to Rick Perry’s 2011 prayer rally.

Beck explained that it had also rained nearly every day while he was on vacation at his ranch in Idaho, which he attributed to the fact that local residents began to fast for rain a few weeks ago.

“Five weeks ago, they had a fast for rain because they were in a drought,” Beck said. “And it started raining five weeks ago.”

Similarly, Beck said, the state of Texas began to work it way out of its drought after Perry prayed for rain back in 2011, which is a position shared by a number of other Religious Right activists.

“We started ending that drought with that fast,” he said. “He was mocked for it and he went ahead and did it and that was the beginning of the end of the drought. We started having rain right after that, and this state was a desert.”

Here’s a pesky little fact: No, that was not the beginning of the end of the drought in Texas. In fact, after Perry’s April, 2011 prayer rally, the drought got dramatically worse. By the fall of that year, nearly five times as much of that state was under the most severe drought conditions than there was in April of that year. At that time, 17% of the state was under “exceptional drought” conditions, 53% in extreme drought and 24% was in severe drought. A month later, 44% was in exceptional drought, 35% extreme and 13% severe. by August 2, just before the big stadium prayer rally, 73% of the state was in exceptional drought, 18% extreme and 7% severe. One month after the prayer rally, 88% of the state was in exceptional drought, 9% extreme and 2% severe. On October 4, the results were identical.

And seriously, this is what he thinks is God’s answer to prayer? To keep the drought going for another four years, then “fixing” it with incredible flooding that has killed a great many people and done enormous damage to infrastructure and the economy? Gee thanks, God, how about you stay the hell out of it next time?

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