Loudon Invents Lurid Scenarios of Evil Muslim Neighbors

Loudon Invents Lurid Scenarios of Evil Muslim Neighbors June 3, 2015

Gina Loudon’s latest Worldnetdaily column starts with her bragging about how open-minded she is and how she no longer hates gay people because she had some gay neighbors. But her magnanimity suddenly ends with Muslims. As much as she supposedly liked a Muslim family she lived near, she still thinks they’re agents for ISIS (probably long before ISIS actually existed, mind you).

But in the case of Islam, I feel differently. A “nice” Muslim family was part of a ring of Muslims here to recruit little American girls to be taken to ISIS to be sold off or bargained away to live a life of rape, abuse and torture. Many “families” employed to do this are front people, posing as nice families preying on our tolerance and using it against us. Those who may actually be nice are not vocally opposed enough to the terror that the rest of them are creating for the world, in my opinion. If it were my “faith” that was inspiring such heinousness, I would question that faith, not continue to defend it blindly. That isn’t tolerance; that is radical militancy.

There is an invisible cyber war raging by ISIS 24/7 in which cyber detectives across the nation work valiantly posing online as children hoping to catch cyber predators before those predators catch our children.

The predators are crafty. How would you lure a naive 14-year-old girl? A predator (whether sexual or today, too often, Islamic) on the prowl will create an online persona using a fake identity of an attractive teen boy. First, they find their target, a young girl or boy who appears lonely or otherwise isolatable. Before ever making contact, the predator will learn about that child’s deepest desires and cultural interests. Then he drops the lure.

He will flatter the child. He will mention passion for things the child likes before the child mentions them to show common interests. As the child takes the bait, he waits patiently and looks for the perfect opportunity.

“Hey, I will be at the church Tuesday,” he says, knowing the church is the perfect disarming connection and knowing that no one is at the church on Tuesdays. “How about meeting me there and we can walk to the ice cream shop?” The child thinks they are meeting a young American teen. They are meeting someone who is a professional lure for ISIS. This has happened hundreds of times in the last year.

The scenario can also be live. Young girl meets young Muslim boy at school. He seems nice. He says all the right things. She has no clue that the meeting was not random. She is a target.

Decent, liberty-loving Americans have been pounded into submission, into accepting a second-class citizen status in which they must unilaterally discard any semblance of wise discernment. Tolerance has been defined in a way that anything less than full endorsement and flag-waving is bigotry and hate. Meanwhile, the tolerant left has armies of activists, lawyers and bureaucrats looking for the next Christian business owner or politician to target for destruction.

The slave trade is thriving again, but this time it is innocent women and young girls who are the victims. We turn a blind eye to those calling for help because we are afraid of being called intolerant or hateful if we speak out.

Not a shred of evidence is offered in support of any of this, of course. Yes, sexual slavery is a real problem and needs to be combated, but the notion that it’s being done by seemingly nice Muslim families is simply ludicrous. One could just as easily point to seemingly normal Christian families who were engaging in all manner of horrible things, but if we did Loudon would be outraged that we would dare to suggest that this applies to Christians as a whole (and she would be right, but it’s the inconsistency that is proof of her bigotry here).

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