Pastor Preaches Anti-Gay Sermon at Public School Graduation Event

Pastor Preaches Anti-Gay Sermon at Public School Graduation Event June 3, 2015

This time of year we always find out about baccalaureate services all over the country. Public schools often sponsor such events at a local church, where attendance is not mandatory but it’s still a public school promoting religion. One such event just backfired on a school district in North Carolina:

Students and parents are furious that a North Carolina pastor told graduating seniors they would go to hell if they were gay – but he insists he was just showing his Christian love.

“Do I hate anybody? Absolutely not,” Pastor Scott Carpenter told WBTV. “I just love them too much not to tell them the truth.”

Carpenter, interim pastor at Temple Baptist Church, made the comments during the baccalaureate service at Kings Mountain High School.

“It’s a public school, (and) there are children here,” said parent Chuck Wilson. “I think there should be some level of responsibility of the speaker coming in to not take advantage of a captive audience.”

He described the pastor’s comments as “bullying.”

“Bullying doesn’t have to happen from the back hallway of a school or a back parking lot,” Wilson said. “It can happen from the pulpit, it can happen from the stage.”

In this case, the service took place at the school, which makes it even worse. In other districts, it’s held at a local church but the school helps promote it. Look, if a church wants to hold such a service for graduates who attend their church, that’s fine. But the school should not have any involvement whatsoever with them. Can you even begin to imagine that outrage if a mosque did this and the school helped promote it to graduates?

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