Rios Sees Unnamed Evidence of God’s Punishment Over Gay Marriage

Rios Sees Unnamed Evidence of God’s Punishment Over Gay Marriage June 3, 2015

When someone pointed out to Sandy Rios of the American Family Association that none of the nations that have allowed same-sex marriage have yet had calamity befallen them due to God’s punishment, Rios said that she sees unspecified signs and that a major global disaster is coming.

Rios was responding to social media comments from an LGBT rights supporter named Peter, who pointed out that none of the countries that have legalized marriage equality have yet fallen to ruin because of it.

“There are some effects already early on, there are here in this country as well,” Rios responded. “But it’s too early to see any kind of major shift or disaster that I think most of us who believe that God’s word is true are predicting for the whole world, really, Peter, for the whole world. For God will not let us just continue to be debauched and ignore him.”

Of course, bad things happen all the time. It’s trivially easy for people like Rios to point to anything bad happening at any given time and declaring it, with no evidence whatsoever, to be evidence of God’s punishment. Of course, Texas has now banned gay marriage several times over and continues to try to avoid having to recognize such marriages even if the Supreme Court rules that they must, and they’re suffering from massive flooding. Funny how it’s only God’s punishment when they declare it to be.

As for this major disaster, one is bound to happen at some point. Bad shit happens.

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