Santorum’s Hypocritical Criticism of Pope Francis

Santorum’s Hypocritical Criticism of Pope Francis June 3, 2015

Rick Santorum, a devout Catholic, says he just adores Pope Francis but thinks he should not be getting involved with advocating action on global warming. And the truly astonishing and hypocritical part of this is that he says that they should be “leaving science to the scientists.”

“He’s someone who is as committed to the nuclear family as I am,” the former Pennsylvania senator opined. “I’m a huge fan of his and his focus on making sure that we have a healthier society.”

“I understand and I sympathize and I support completely the pope’s call for us to do more to create opportunities for people to be able to rise in society, and to care for the poor,” he continued.

But when it came to a responsibility to care for the planet, Santorum advised the church to proceed with caution.

“The church has gotten it wrong a few times on science, and I think that we probably are better off leaving science to the scientists,” the candidate insisted.

Instead, Santorum encouraged the church to focus on “what we’re really good at, which is theology and morality.”

“I think when we get involved with controversial political and scientific theories, then I think the church is probably not as forceful and credible,” he remarked. “And I’ve said this to the bishops many times when they get involved in agriculture policy or things like that, that are really outside of the scope of what the church’s main message is.”

First of all, I would argue that the Catholic Church has been far worse on morality than they’ve been on science. Secondly, the hypocrisy here is so thick that you could drizzle it over waffles. I would argue that the pope is leaving science to the scientists, saying that we should listen to what scientists are saying about global warming rather than dismissing them to keep the campaign donations flowing in from those who make billions of dollars by ignoring the science.

The ones who actually need to leave science to the scientists are Rick Santorum and his fellow conservatives, who reject any finding of science that contradicts their preferred narrative, from evolution to global warming to stem cell research. They will seek out and promote any scientist who disputes the consensus on those issues and say that we should listen only to that person and ignore the overwhelming majority of scientists who take positions they don’t like.

It is Santorum who should leave science to the scientists and base public policy on the scientific consensus rather than on which positions bring in the most political donations or agree with their religious beliefs.

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