Paranoid Gun Fetishist Parades Around Atlanta Airport

Paranoid Gun Fetishist Parades Around Atlanta Airport June 4, 2015

In Georgia, it’s perfectly legal to walk around in public with automatic assault rifles, even in the busiest airport in the country. A guy with a serious gun fetish and enough paranoia for a Black Sabbath song took advantage of that to wander around Hartsfield International Airport.

Jim Cooley carried his assault weapon with a 100-round drum attached to it while accompanied by his wife as they dropped their daughter off, alerting the press later after he was stopped multiple times by authorities.

In an interview with WSB-TV, Cooley explained that he knew it was legal to carry the weapon into the airport as long as he didn’t approach any TSA checkpoints, explaining “You can carry in unsecured areas of the airport. Past TSA, never.”

While in the airport, Cooley was approached by a fire marshal asking him why he was carrying the gun, an Atlanta police officer who asked him if he had a carry permit, and then multiple officers who followed him to his car while taking pictures.

Asked why he carried the weapon, pausing to pose with it for a picture he later posted to his Facebook page, Cooley explained, “It shouldn’t matter what I carry, just that I choose to carry. You never know where something might happen.”

Yeah, you never know. But having people with this kind of hard-on for military-grade assault weapons wandering around in public makes it a lot more likely that something very bad is going to happen. How the hell is anyone else in that public place supposed to know what their intentions are? How are they supposed to feel secure with heavily-armed paranoiacs walking around with enough firepower to take out dozens and dozens of people? How are the security personnel supposed to react to this, where anyone carrying a gun could be there to rob the place or worse? This is simply madness.

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