Wingnuts to Send Focused Prayer at Justice Kennedy

Wingnuts to Send Focused Prayer at Justice Kennedy June 4, 2015

And we have yet another gathering at the Supreme Court to pray that God will change the minds of the justices in the same-sex marriage cases, especially Justice Kennedy since he’s the key vote. This time it’s being led by “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, who will no doubt bring at least half a dozen people with him.

As Daubenmire told radio host Chuck Wilder yesterday, his Salt and Light Brigade hopes to organize prayer rallies all over America to take place at the same time in order to “focus their guns at the same target” and “punch a hole in the heavenlies.”

“We’re going to have a solemn assembly of prayer and repentance, asking God, please God, help us rescue marriage,” Daubenmire said. “And we’re going to totally focus on Justice Kennedy, we believe he is the swing vote, and we’re just going to ask the Lord to forgive us of our sins and turn the heart of Justice Kennedy that he might see the error of his ways and protect marriage.”

Not everyone will be able to join Daubenmire outside the Supreme Court for this rally, he realizes, which is why he is asking for people to organize rallies of their own to take place at the same time in order to increase the power of their prayer effort, likening it to hundreds of people gathering with Super Soaker squirt guns and focusing their aim all on the same spot instead of just spraying in all directions.

“Concentrated, focused prayer” is what Daubenmire needs, he said. “We’re going to focus all of our power in the same direction rather than just sporadically squirting our guns up in the air.”

Yeah, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill prayer, this is concentrated, focused prayer. I’m sure that’s at least 500% more effective than the mundane variety, but then I seem to remember something about the pointlessness of multiplying by zero. But here’s my question: After they get done with this “concentrated, focused prayer” and Kennedy and the Supreme Court still go against them, will they admit that prayer doesn’t work? Or that God is against them and supports equality? I’m gonna take a wild guess that the answer will be no.

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