An Appalling Reaction to Taslima’s Escape from Threats

An Appalling Reaction to Taslima’s Escape from Threats June 5, 2015

Kimberly Winston of Religion News Service has a story about our successful effort to get Taslima Nasrin out of danger from India to the United States. The article contains this staggeringly stupid quote from an “expert” at a Connecticut university.

Sufia Uddin, an expert on religion in Bangladesh and director of the Islamic Studies program at Connecticut College, is skeptical about the effort to relocate Nasrin. “She knows Bangladesh is not a place where she can be a blogger who condemns in its entirety the religion of Islam, so why is she blogging about it?” she asked. “What is she trying to achieve besides putting a target on her own head? I am not sure I understand that strategy.”

Uddin is not an expert on religion in Bangladesh, he’s an expert in totally missing the fucking point. First of all, Taslima has not lived in Bangladesh in more than two decades. She was exiled from there because of Islamic fascists who think they have the right to murder people who criticize their religious views. She lived in India for the last eight years, but that wasn’t far enough for those same Islamic fascists, who are still trying to murder her.

And what is this talk of strategy? Why is that relevant at all? Taslima’s “strategy” has been to tell the truth, to expose the barbaric practices of reactionary Islam in Bangladesh and other places. Uddin seems to think that the fact that these barbarians murder their critics means those critics should shut up. Nothing could be further from the truth. That makes it all the more important that we all speak out as loudly as possible against these fascists, not excuse their behavior as this “expert” in religion wants to do.

Fuck Sufia Uddin.

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