Kincaid: America ‘May Not Survive’ Caitlyn Jenner

Kincaid: America ‘May Not Survive’ Caitlyn Jenner June 5, 2015

I’m trying my best to ignore the whole Caitlyn Jenner story, but I’m really quite fascinated by the furious reaction to it from the bigots, who seem to think that this somehow personally affects them. Cliff Kincaid, always armed and ludicrous as always, thinks it’s so horrible that it might destroy the entire nation!

While we expect the liberal media to trumpet this new progression in the never-ending campaign for new rights for sexual minorities, it is troubling that conservative media personalities have jumped on the bandwagon, contributing to the idea that one’s sexual identity can be decided on a whim, from day to day, depending on the circumstances or how someone feels.

During a period when America desperately needs strong families grounded in the traditional male-female relationship, this message of sexual confusion can have an extremely damaging impact on young people who may be going through challenging periods in their lives.

The truth is that the media have already bought into this hoax and are too far gone, and the United States may be on the inevitable decline as well.

The “courage” we really need is that which stands up to this decline and affirms the traditional relationships based on America’s founding values. But it appears it is just too much to ask for this kind of courage from the media.

America’s families will pay the price. The nation may not survive, as it becomes a laughingstock before self-destructing or becoming easy pickings for a determined foreign adversary.

As always, the power these people ascribe to The Gay (or anything they see as vaguely related to it) is truly staggering. Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, which will not affect Cliff Kincaid’s life in any way whatsoever, is going to destroy the entire nation! Sounds like a pretty fragile nation, doesn’t it?

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