Erik Rush Lies, Urges Violence

Erik Rush Lies, Urges Violence June 6, 2015

Erik Rush, a black man who thinks America suffers from an excess of “negrophilia” and who thinks President Obama tried to drop a nuclear weapon on Charleston, South Carolina, says that “violent civil disobedience” will be needed to stop us evil liberals. But he starts with this lie:

Those on the left routinely typify their opponents as intolerant, hateful and potentially violent. This has increased in volume and frequency under the Obama administration, which codified these mischaracterizations into Department of Homeland Security policy; DHS has designated pro-lifers, patriots, constitutionalists, Christians, amnesty opponents, gun enthusiasts, military veterans and other groups as potential terrorist threats.

In keeping with their hypocrisy and incongruity, leftists conveniently omit the fact that they have carried out more terrorism, pogroms, mass murders and genocide than any political group in history. As regular readers will be aware, projection of their antisocial character defects onto opponents is a hallmark of the left’s methodology.

Now that’s impressive — psychological projection about psychological projection. This has been the standard response to reports from DHS identifying far-right groups as sources of domestic terrorism, to immediately broaden out the definitions to make it seem like they think any Christian or any conservative is likely to start bombing things. But those reports are quite specific about the groups they’re talking about and those groups have a long and sordid history of committing terrorism.

How many examples do we need of far-right anti-abortion groups and individuals bombing abortion clinics and gay bars, like Eric Robert Rudolph? Or killing abortion doctors, like Paul Hill? How many examples do we need of far-right racist groups blowing things up or going on shooting sprees to kill Jews and black people? Or of far-right anti-government ideologues killing police officers to spark a civil war or flying planes into IRS buildings? More people have died in this country from right-wing domestic terrorism than from Muslim terrorism since 9/11. The DHS is absolutely right to consider that a threat and keep an eye on those groups, and on people who urge them to commit violence, as Rush is about to do:

Their objective is to convince as much of the citizenry as possible that their warnings are at least somewhat plausible. This way, when DHS Storm Troopers arrive in the wee hours to collect their neighbors, they will accept the cover story without protest: The detainees were involved in a terrorist plot to carry out large scale “hate crimes” against illegal immigrants, homosexuals, or some species of endangered grouse.

What we are in fact seeing is the political left, through deception, incrementalism and outright violation of the Constitution, insidiously maneuvering rational, law-abiding Americans into a position so untenable that at some elusive but inevitable point, violent civil disobedience – vigilantism – may be the only practicable response.

Thank you for proving the point. You and your ilk are exactly the kind of people the DHS should be keeping a close eye on.

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