Savage Goes Full on White Supremacist Again

Savage Goes Full on White Supremacist Again June 6, 2015

Michael Savage continues to repeat white supremacist, KKK rhetoric on an almost daily basis in his ignorant, xenophobic rants against immigration. It’s all about protecting those poor white people from having to be around those evil darkies, or so he keeps saying.

Savage continued, saying that Obama is attempting to destroy America by “injecting, like a virus, Muslims from Syria into all-white communities in America” and taking “infected children from Honduras and put[ing] them in every school district that he could.”

The radio host continued that Obama wants to bring about “Section 8 housing on a national level,” hoping to “inject low-income troublemakers” into “an all-white suburban community” and “then you let the games begin.”

Won’t someone think of the purity of the white people who will be exposed to the “virus” of dark-skinned people? There’s something quite perverse about a Jewish guy parroting white supremacist rhetoric.

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