Trump Upset the White House Doesn’t Want His Brilliant Ideas

Trump Upset the White House Doesn’t Want His Brilliant Ideas June 6, 2015

Professional egotist and weapons-grade buffoon Donald Trump just can’t believe that the White House hasn’t called him up and asked about his plan to defeat ISIS in a matter of minutes. And the plan is brilliant, stupendous, majestic and whatever other adjectives his ego can think of.

Trump had previously dropped hints that he had a master plan for defeating the terrorist organization during an appearance on Fox News, but was unhappy that the Obama hadn’t taken the hint and called him.

“I know a way that would absolutely give us guaranteed victory,” Trump explained before adding that he couldn’t talk about it on the air for fear of tipping off ISIS leaders and because he was afraid someone would steal his idea.

Asked if he had discussed his idea with high level military officials for their input, Trump stated that he had run “it past two or three people” who fell in love with it.

“This is so simple, so surgical, it would be an unbelievable thing,” he said. “Now, I’ve been around saying this, you would think somebody from the administration would at least call me and say, ‘Hey, could you tell us what it is?’ It happens to be a great idea. But at the right time, I guess I’ll give it.“

Yeah, it’s hard to believe that the Pentagon isn’t breathless with anticipation to find out what this ignorant blowhard has to say about it. It’s almost like they know that his plan begins by strapping a coyote to an ACME rocket and painting a fake tunnel onto the side of a big rock.

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