Stupid Atheist Meme #5

Stupid Atheist Meme #5 June 7, 2015

Here’s #5 in my series on stupid atheist memes, which I saw being shared around Facebook this week. Every single claim in it is wrong. It comes from someone who calls themselves Hellbroke Lucy, which appears to be from this website called the Fact-Based Initiative.


It’s wrong on every count.You can buy a Bible and never read it and not be a Christian at all, much less a good one. You can read parts of the Bible without becoming a “pious son of a bitch.” You can read the Bible over and over again and not become an atheist. And if you do become an atheist, that doesn’t mean every Christian hates you. Just simpleminded bullshit from beginning to end.

Ironically, the Faith-Based Initiative says it “takes information, science and facts – no faith – and brings you a real look at the world and what we can and must do to save it.” And apparently they aim to save the world by spreading inane memes like this. Good luck with that.

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