BarbWire Pushes Christian End Times Survivalist Scam

BarbWire Pushes Christian End Times Survivalist Scam June 8, 2015

BarbWire, Matt Barber’s “news” site, has eagerly jumped on board the right-wing email scam bandwagon, and boy do they know their target audience’s psychological triggers. They know their followers respond like cats to catnip to things that are secret and all about huge cover ups that they don’t want you to see.

“You should delete this after reading,” the title of the email says, because it’s going to expose “the Bible’s darkest secret.”

This short independent documentary has been banned in several Catholic countries

Because it reveals our church’s involvement in the greatest cover up in history…

And it’s more sinister than anything you have ever imagined…

Fortunately for every true Christian and patriot, it’s spreading like wildfire all over the internet

Don’t take this lightly…

Experts in weapons of mass destruction warn it’s going to devastate millions of families…especially those with children.

Click here to see why…

Your fellow Christian,

Alexander Cain

P.S. The corporate elites and other insiders are all preparing for what they call for “The Fall”

And when you watch this short documentary you’ll understand why.

>>>>> Click here before it’s too late < < <<

This was all put together by Alexander Cain, the pen name of a theology professor from Arkansas who claims to have discovered the hidden truth in the Bible (more catnip for morons) that Obama is the last president the United States will ever have because America will be attacked by an enemy “worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda, North Korea, and Iran combined” before January, 2017. And that’s why you should totally buy his secret plan for your family’s survival. The key to all of this is that the Babylon of the Bible is actually the United States. Never mind that the Babylon of the Bible was, in fact, Babylon. It actually existed.

Again we learn that there is no idea so stupid that it can’t be sold to the ignorant and the credulous, both of which are in steady supply at BarbWire. Here’s the whole video:

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