Texas Legislator Gets it Completely Wrong About the Duggars

Texas Legislator Gets it Completely Wrong About the Duggars June 8, 2015

As always, the place to find the dumbest elected officials are at the state and local level, especially in the state of Texas. Bill Zedler, a state representative from Arlington, tweeted that liberals hate the Duggars because they reject all moral standards.

This is exactly backwards. I don’t hate the Duggars, but I certainly hate their ideology, which is both ignorant and very dangerous on multiple levels. And it isn’t because I reject “standards.” Quite the opposite, in fact — it’s because I have standards that they fail to meet. I have intellectual standards, the kind that would reject teaching children the lie that the earth is only a few thousand years old. Or that Adam and Eve were real people. Or that there was ever a global flood that killed nearly all life on earth other than what was in an ark. Those are lies and it is wrong to teach children lies about the world.

I have moral standards, the kind that say it’s wrong to teach that women are or should be subordinate to men, as the Duggars do. I think that idea is vile, misogynistic and does extraordinary damage to women, men and human civilization as a whole. And the kind that say it is wrong to dehumanize and denigrate people because of their sexual orientation, as the Duggars do on a daily basis. I believe it is morally wrong to discriminate against people and to make society a more bigoted place rather than less.

Yes, I hate what the Duggars believe. And it’s precisely because I have standards that I do.

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