Barber Sputters and Rages Against Marriage Equality in Ireland

Barber Sputters and Rages Against Marriage Equality in Ireland June 9, 2015

Matt Barber got himself worked up into quite a lather on the Faith and Freedom radio show he co-hosts with Mat Staver over Ireland’s recent overwhelming vote to legalize same-sex marriage. Let’s listen to him rage, rage against the dying of his ability to oppress other people.

“What we saw happen in Ireland was clearly a mass rebellion against God’s design, clear design, millennia-old design for the institution of marriage,” he said. “As history has shown over and over again, any society that abandons monogamous man-woman marriage as a central aspect of that culture and embraces sexual relativism as they have now done in Ireland, that culture and that society is not long for the world.”

This is a nearly ubiquitous claim among the Christian right, but have you ever heard any one of them actually defend it? Have you ever heard them present any evidence for it? I haven’t either. Do tell, Mr. Barber, which ones collapsed because of homosexuality? Be specific, please, and bring some evidence to the table. And please don’t say ancient Rome, which didn’t collapse until after it had become officially Christians and Justinian outlawed homosexuality because it caused earthquakes.

Barber went on to say that not only has this vote brought “great shame and great embarrassment on the Irish people,” but it also signals that the cancer of moral relativism is sweeping across western civilization.

“I don’t know how much longer we can expect [to survive],” he said. “Certainly, this novelty of so-called gay marriage is going to be one of the primary, I believe, drawbacks that end up potentially leading to the end of western civilization as we certainly know it now, at least.”

Nope, not moral relativism at all. I don’t base my support for marriage equality on moral relativism but on a competing claim of moral absolutism: It is immoral to discriminate against people for no good reason. It is immoral to base public policy on ignorant and bigoted religious beliefs. That isn’t moral relativism, it’s exactly the opposite.

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