Beck: I’m the New Martin Luther King

Beck: I’m the New Martin Luther King June 9, 2015

Last week, Glenn Beck bleated on incessantly about how he was going to make a huge announcement this week and telling his followers, “I believe my entire life has led to this point.” Like his many previous announcements of this type, it turned out to be self-aggrandizing bullshit. Guess what? He’s going to be the Martin Luther King of those who oppose gay marriage.

But there is more to the effort than simply providing relief to the victims of ISIS, as Beck is personally launching a speaking tour of churches in order to wake up Americans to the threat posed by things like gay marriage and to train them to carry out boycotts, civil disobedience, and nonviolent resistance … and just like Martin Luther King, Beck will be kicking this effort off in Birmingham, Alabama.

“If you think there is trouble now, what happens when the Supreme Court decides to say that homosexual marriage is the law of the land?” Beck asked. “Will this administration then force our churches to comply? Will you be forced to violate your own faith? We must together wake the most powerful force on earth: the people of God.”

“I’m going to begin,” he continued, “where Martin Luther King began. On 8/28, I’m going to be in Birmingham, Alabama in a church just down the street from where Martin Luther King began his historic stand against Bull Connor … We are going to begin to gather like-minded people and we are going to begin to train ourselves for non-violent resistance and civil disobedience. We’re going to begin to train ourselves for boycotts and sit-ins. We’re going to do all of the things that we thought were too radical or too hippy-like to do because we have to understand that we are now David and Goliath has all of the power. But we all know how that story ends.”

Oh yes, we know how all Glenn’s stories end. They end up being bullshit. How many times has he made these grand pronouncements of future plans because God has told him to save the world? Remember when he announced that he was tired of politics and was going to change the culture from within with his new movie company, which will produce films that would transform the country? The result was a Man on the Moon show on the 4th of July that was like a slightly higher tech version of a crappy junior high school drama club production.

Remember when he told the world that he had proof that a Saudi student who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombings was the one who planned and funded them? And he told the FBI that if they didn’t come clean in three days, the next week he was going to reveal their lies to the world. The next week came and…nothing. He didn’t have a damn thing. And now he’s being sued for his lies about a totally innocent man.

Remember more than two years ago, when he announced plans to build a massive $2 billion complex called Independence Park, where people could live and it would be totally self-sustaining and would include a theme park and a “national archive” where people could send their kids to learn about the “real” history of America as a Christian nation from his buddy David Barton? Hey, whatever happened to that idea?

Seriously, this guy is a carnival barker and the attraction he wants you to pay to see is him. That’s all he is.

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