Cruz Praises Gun Owners of America

Cruz Praises Gun Owners of America June 9, 2015

As reported earlier, Ted Cruz did a telephone townhall meeting with members of Gun Owners of America, the far-right extremist gun group that thinks the NRA isn’t extreme enough on guns. And Cruz positively gushed about that collection of cranks, paranoiacs and extremists.

GOA has posted audio of the call on YouTube, and it was quite the love-fest. Cruz thanked the “fighters” and “patriots” at GOA for endorsing him when he ran for Senate in 2012, and said that the group “played a critical part in helping get me elected.”…

Cruz specifically praised GOA’s extremism, saying, “I agree with Ronald Reagan who said we must paint in bold colors and not pale pastels, that’s why I’m running and that’s one of the things I love about GOA is GOA has never been accused of painting in pale pastels.”

Translation: I love extremism that has no place for reason, nuance or ambiguity. Remember, this is a group that openly preaches that people should have guns in order to intimidate elected officials who do things they don’t like. Imagine how extremist you have to be if the NRA isn’t sufficiently pro-gun enough for you. That’s how far out on the fringe these people are, so naturally Cruz loves them.

The love between GOA and Cruz is mutual. Pratt frequently sings the praises of the junior senator from Texas, saying that Cruz “ has not disappointed us and I’m certain that he’s not going to disappoint us,” and rejoicing that “everybody understands that Ted Cruz runs the United States House.” The New York Times has described Cruz as Pratt’s “key ally in the Senate.”

You’re judged by the company you keep, as the old saying goes. And the company he’s keeping is up to their ears not only in violent rhetoric, but in white supremacist rhetoric about the coming race wars as well.

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