DeLay Joins the Nullification Chorus

DeLay Joins the Nullification Chorus June 9, 2015

Add former House Speaker Tom DeLay to the chorus of right-wing voices declaring that the executive and legislative branches of government, along with the states, can just ignore the Supreme Court if it makes a ruling they disagree with.

DeLay said that anyone who “understands the Constitution” knows that the legislative and executive branches do not need to enforce a Supreme Court ruling, “and not only that, if the states would just invoke the 10th Amendment and assert their sovereignty, they could defy a ruling by the Supreme Court.”

“If this Supreme Court rules against marriage, all hell is going to break loose,” DeLay said, citing a pledge signed by politicians and activists, including Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, who have vow to defy such a ruling by the court. “We’re going to stand for marriage even if it takes civil disobedience.”

Yeah, so let some politician say that when the Supreme Court hands down a ruling that DeLay agrees with and see how quickly that “anyone who understands the constitution” knows they can defy the ruling turns into cries of tyranny and oppression. Virtually every commonly heard argument from the right when it comes to the Supreme Court is pure hypocrisy. It’s “judicial tyranny” and “judicial activism” when the court overturns a law they agree with, but not if they overturn a law they disagree with. Everyone is free to defy a ruling they don’t like, but not a ruling they like. It’s all just special pleading. And they never seem to tire of striking a pose in the schoolhouse door defying a court ruling in favor of equality.

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