Monckton: Obama is Like Nazi Doctors

Monckton: Obama is Like Nazi Doctors June 9, 2015

“Lord” Christopher Monckton, one of the most ridiculous buffoons on the right wing, has a column at — where else? — the Worldnetdaily comparing President Obama to Nazi doctors and Soviet scientists. The basis? The long-debunked nonsense about how temperatures haven’t gone up in the last 17 years.

Where is the missing heat coming from? Has the Obama administration inadvertently repealed the laws of thermodynamics?

There is nothing inadvertent about it. It is absolutely essential to the party line, leading up to the Paris pifflefest, to conceal the fact that there has been no global warming statistically distinguishable from zero since the U.N.’s disastrous climate panel first reported a quarter of a century ago.

Yet Mr. Obama, instead of rejoicing that there is no global warming, sullenly presides over an administration that cynically and conveniently rewrites all data that do not fit the party line.

Mr. Obama now stands in the dismal tradition of the Nazi eugenicists, who tried to tamper with science by declaring the Aryans and the Jews were a superior and an inferior race respectively, and of the Communist Lysenkoists, who killed 20 million Soviet citizens by starvation because instead of planting seed-corn in the autumn they tried to tamper with science by soaking the seeds in water and planting them out in the spring. Result: decades of failed harvests.

All of this is based on the claim that global temperatures have not risen since 1998, but that claim is based on cherry-picked data. 1998 was an unusually warm year because of El Nino, so that isn’t a valid starting point. This is just plain dishonest. The 14 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1998, which is something that cannot be explained away, especially with idiotic Nazi analogies.

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