Swanson: Beware the Demonic ‘Homosexual Borg’

Swanson: Beware the Demonic ‘Homosexual Borg’ June 9, 2015

Deranged bigot Kevin Swanson gave his usual inane take on LGBT equality, railing about how the “demonic world” has created a “homosexual borg” that is making good Christian folk cower in fear rather than standing up for their right to oppress other people in the name of God.

“We’re paralyzed by fear,” he remarked. “We’re incapable of moving ahead because of what we fear. Now as you’ve said before, what you fear is what you worship, and it’s probable that Americans worship the state, they worship their money, they worship sexuality, they worship materialism, they worship all these things and they don’t worship the true and living God.” Because Americans don’t fear God, he said, they are “afraid of lawsuits, or they’re afraid of being arrested, or they’re afraid of saying things that might get them arrested, and that’s why they’re not going to fear God and take a stand against the powers of evil.”

This led Swanson to compare the fight against LGBT rights (or “the homosexual borg”) to David and Goliath. “There’s no question that Goliath of Gath, the homosexual borg, is the power in the principality of the demonic world itself. There’s no question in my mind whatsoever.” He warned that “the demonic world had some influences upon the minds of one hundred million people in America.”

Yeah, if there’s one thing we don’t have nearly enough of in this country, it’s Christians speaking out against The Gay. I mean, unless you count all the politicians and preachers and talk radio hosts and their millions of followers and listeners. It might be kind of nice to live in a world where Christians are afraid to speak out against homosexuality, but we sure as hell don’t live in that world.

And he has it exactly backwards. We aren’t “incapable of moving forward,” we are moving forward, toward a more fair and just country. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it, Mr. Swanson. Keep those bigot tears flowing, though. They’re delicious.

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