Right Wing Radio Host Goes Full-On Racist in Texas

Right Wing Radio Host Goes Full-On Racist in Texas June 10, 2015

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the footage of the police officer in McKinney, Texas doing his best impression of an action movie cop in responding to a pool party fracas. Conservatives are trying in vain to defend the asshole and a right wing talk show host in Houston decided to just put on the white hood:

“Issues like this make for great evening news,” Berry opined on the Monday edition of his radio program. “They have a great little video clip, they show a cop throwing somebody to the ground. And then in steps the black pastor and he says, ‘We’re not going to stand for this!’”

“And then you’ve got a ready-made crowd of people who don’t have day jobs that are ready to storm the streets and threaten the cops.”

According to Berry, the teens at the pool party were “amped up” and screaming “like jungle animals.”

“I mean, this is wild, crazy, out of control,” the radio host insisted. “Would you ever, when a cop showed up, he’s got a gun… Now mind you, he didn’t show up to a tea party, he showed up to reports of fights breaking out.”

“He showed up to people, and yes, they’re probably white people scared to death, peeking through the blinds, ‘Oh, my God, there’s a bunch of black people and they’re out on the streets and they’re fighting and carrying on, and they’re playing that music from Jay Z.’ And they’re scared to death,” he continued. “That’s who his bosses are. He’s there to keep the peace in his community.”

Yeah, white people who get scared to death when they hear a Jay Z song are the ones the cops work for. They don’t work for black people! I guess that explains the pervasive racism in our criminal justice system, dutifully defended by racist jerks like Michael Berry.

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