TX Wingnuts Want Special Session to Pass Useless Bill

TX Wingnuts Want Special Session to Pass Useless Bill June 10, 2015

The Texas state legislature failed to pass a bill that would strip funding for the performance of same-sex marriages should the Supreme Court overturn all state laws banning them, so now the anti-gay bigots in the state have demanded a special session be called to get it passed. The governor says no.

Put the flaming chariots back in the barn: Gov. Greg Abbott told a radio show today he will not convene a special session on same-sex marriage.

“I do not anticipate any special session,” the Republican told News Radio 1200 WOAI. “They got their job done on time, and don’t require any overtime.”

That’s despite the calls from numerous social conservatives to do just that in a letter delivered to the governor last week. The signatories – including Texas Eagle Forum’s Cathie Adams, Conservative Republicans of Texas’ Steve Hotze, Texas Values’ Jonathan Saenz and others – requested the governor call the session ahead of a Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Legal observers anticipate the decision would either legalize it nationwide or require states to recognize marriages performed out-of-state.

“Throughout his career, Governor Abbott has been a strong advocate for pro-family and pro-life issues. We are confident that he will work to protect the choice of 76 percent of Texans who voted for the Marriage Amendment in the Texas Constitution,” Hotze said in a statement.

They were motivated to call the session following the House’s failure to pass HB 4105, The Preservation of State Sovereignty and Marriage Act, by Rep. Cecil Bell, R-Magnolia. Despite having the support of the majority of House Republicans, the bill died after failing to receive a floor vote.

This all makes me laugh because even if they did pass the bill, it would be totally meaningless. If the Supreme Court rules that the states much allow same-sex couples to marry, that bill would also be overturned by that ruling. They can keep passing law after law to find another way to do the same thing if they want, but it will do absolutely nothing to change reality. As usual, they’re living in a fantasy world.

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