Wiles: Jade Helm 15 Leads to Obama Takeover in 2016

Wiles: Jade Helm 15 Leads to Obama Takeover in 2016 June 10, 2015

Rick Wiles of TruNews radio is back with yet another prediction that Obama is going to take over as dictator, this time based on the ridiculous paranoia over the Jade Helm 15 military exercises. He says Obama is going to use that to take over the country in 2016.

Naturally, Wiles is very insistent that Obama is about to do something big. He told listeners that the military exercise Jade Helm 15 “is intended to get the American public accustom to seeing troops and tanks on the streets and helicopters landing in cities.”

“A military presence in our streets will be necessary next fall when the people realize the country is over,” Wiles said. “Obama has another year in power. He’s not going to seize power illegally this year. He’ll wait, he’ll save it until next year as his term comes to an end.”

Gee Rick, I thought Obama was deliberately causing the Ebola crisis (that wasn’t) in order to round up Christian patriots so he could declare himself emperor? And that he was going to use every mass shooting that took place to take away everyone’s guns so he could declare himself emperor? Don’t worry, though, I’m sure this time you’ll be right.

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