Duigon: God Put Dinosaurs Somewhere Else

Duigon: God Put Dinosaurs Somewhere Else June 11, 2015

Lee Duigon, a Christian Reconstructionist, has a slightly different take on the existence of dinosaurs than his fellow young earth creationists. While most of them claim that humans and dinosaurs lived together in harmony, Duigon says that God put dinosaurs somewhere else so they wouldn’t hurt us.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that God created dinosaurs.

No one that we know of has ever seen one, and our interpretations of the fossils are subject to never-ending revision. But still, those great big bones had to fit together some way. Maybe someday we’ll figure out what any dinosaur was really like.

The difficulty is that dinosaurs are nowhere specifically mentioned in the Bible. Oh, and another difficulty–they don’t exist anymore.

We are, however, assured that God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, so that would include dinosaurs. We are also taught that God pronounced His creation good: therefore dinosaurs, at least in His eyes, were good.

I think you will agree that T. rex and his playmates would be a little much for us to handle. So God removed dinosaurs before the human race multiplied and spread throughout the earth.

Again, the Bible doesn’t get into this. That doesn’t mean we can’t prayerfully consider the matter and use our brains for something more than cooking up mischief.

This is what passes for using one’s brain among the YECs. How amusing. But wait…what about the flood and the ark? The Bible says God ordered Noah to take two of every kind of land animal on the ark. So wouldn’t that have to include those dinosaurs that lived somewhere else? Maybe he’ll use his brain again and come up with more ridiculous speculation.

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