Florida School Has Serious Church/State Problems

Florida School Has Serious Church/State Problems June 11, 2015

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the Levy County School Board in Florida over a number of alleged violations of the Establishment Clause that look pretty damn bad. My friend Andrew Seidel of FFRF calls it “a pretty extensive and severe set of problems” and it certainly is that.

Levy County School Board meetings begin with an invocation, or prayer, delivered by the superintendent or a school board member, which “generally invokes Jesus,” according to the letter.

Teachers have been promoting and participating in religious events with students, including promoting and participating in a Global Day of Prayer events at Williston Elementary School that started before school hours but ran into the normal school day.

Cedar Key School promoted a baccalaureate service, a Christian ceremony honoring a graduating class on its website. The service took place May 24 at Cedar Key Baptist Church.

Teachers at Williston Elementary display religious signs, plaques and calendars in their classrooms, which include messages such as “God danced the day you were born” and “You are a gift of God. His own possession.”

And they’ve received even more complaints from local residents since they sent out that letter, so it may get worse.

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