IA Right Wing Radio Host Goes Full Confederate

IA Right Wing Radio Host Goes Full Confederate June 11, 2015

Jan Mickelson, the far-right talk show host from Iowa who is one of the kingmakers in that state’s Republican primaries, had Lindsey Graham on his show this week and declared that South Carolina is occupied territory that was invaded just like Russia invaded the Ukraine.

When Graham tried to draw a parallel between the American Civil War and the current conflict in Iraq, Mickelson jumped in to defend the Confederacy: “I don’t consider the North amongst ourselves. You mentioned capturing territory, I’m considering [Fort] Sumter, Sumter was South Carolinian territory and you were invaded, pretty much like the Russians are invading the Ukraine.”

Graham pleaded: “I can’t go down that road. I’m all for the union.”

Mickelson is not alone, as Deace regularly hosts secessionist Michael Peroutka, who blamed the North’s victory on supposed societal ills such as gay marriage.

At least Graham didn’t try to pander to the far-right on this one and pretend to agree with him. One of the things that the Tea Party movement has revealed in stark detail is that the American far-right (as opposed to more mainstream Republicans and conservatives) is stocked with neo-Confederates who want to turn the block back a century and a half.

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